Our Work

We’re a strategy, design and innovation firm, consulting to some of Australia’s leading financial services companies and government departments and agencies since 2012.

Leveraging the power of strategic design

We integrate the principles of human-centred design with the disciplines of strategic management to identify and realise opportunities, solve problems in new ways and drive real change.

Major Bank

Employee experience design

We reimagined the recruitment and onboarding experience to enable hiring managers to attract the right talent, set new recruits up for success and help people make the right choices.

This work achieved strong user satisfaction results and won external business awards.

Major wealth business

Customer experience design

We designed the customer experience and communication strategy for a highly complex customer remediation program.

We designed a multi-channel experience, including digital, direct mail and specialist support. To ensure the desired outcomes were achieved, we regularly conducted customer and adviser research and testing.

Major bank

Internal service design

We redesigned key internal services to improve and automate risk reporting and insights, making it easy for all users to access trusted information and insights, when and how they need it.

We led a co-design process, bringing together a multi-disciplinary team to design solutions that met user needs and leveraged the latest technology and analytics capabilities.

Transforming with a strong vision and customer focus

We create clear and compelling visions and design how teams might work or serve in the future. This work anchors and guides decisions and priorities and drives collaboration across transformation and delivery teams.

Major bank

HR transformation

We defined the employee experience vision and strategy, reviewing more than 100 services and 25 touch points, to make accessing and using HR services easier, enjoyable and empowering for people.

This work guided prioritisation and investment and boosted collaboration across HR teams to deliver the strategy and service experiences.

Major general insurer

Business transformation

We designed the end-to-end customer experience vision and strategy, undertaking extensive customer research to identify and define key services to better meet customer needs.

We built a model to assess the business and customer value of these services. The outcomes of this work guided the business transformation program priorities and the significant investment being made in boosting digital and data capabilities.

Major bank

New ways of working

We combined our expertise in user experience and process redesign to establish new operating standards and processes for executing customer remediation programs.

Our new ways of working reduced delivery times and improved customer and business outcomes.

Driving peak performance

We combine data and behavioural sciences to generate meaningful insights and uncover new opportunities to elevate performance and achieve innovation and growth.

Major general insurer

Business innovation and growth

We developed the innovation strategy for the group and partnered with a senior internal team to define and establish the new business research and development and venturing functions. We also designed, prototyped and tested new business models and concepts.

The focus was on identifying new revenue streams by uncovering how unmet customer needs might be fulfilled through leveraging and evolving existing capabilities.

Major insurtech

Customer service excellence

We analysed customer and business insights as well as global case studies to design the brand’s steps of service and service standards.

We developed tools, training and customer communications and delivered coaching for customer-facing teams to embed the desired service experience.

General insurer

Customer engagement

We reviewed the current state and analysed customer feedback to identify a priority of improving how claim outcomes were explained and communicated, particularly in challenging scenarios.

We developed clear customer experience principles as well as key messages and communication templates to address these scenarios and make an immediate impact.

Major wealth business

Customer experience performance

We undertook customer and adviser research and used these insights as the springboard to design new services and enhance existing ones.

We worked alongside the in-house team during the implementation phases, establishing a customer experience function, success metrics, reporting and governance processes to drive insight-led decision making and better customer outcomes.

Major bank

Complaints management

We leveraged customer and business insights to define operating standards and design new ways of working to improve how customer complaints were managed.

These standards guided the build of a new complaints management system as well as supporting processes. We've continued to work alongside this function for several years, designing and implementing initiatives to drive change, uplift capability and embed the desired customer experience and culture.

Major superannuation fund

Member engagement

We analysed member insights and operational performance to design the member engagement strategy and roadmap as well as key tools to enhance member communication.

We advised on the team’s capabilities, structure and roles to enable the delivery of this strategy.